Adolescence is when many people begin to question and sometimes challenge their elders' beliefs, while articulating and affirming their own spirituality and ethics. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that this questioning and creative time is a sacred one that deserves our best attention, support, and celebration.

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We provide young people with a place to share their true selves with peers who value their uniqueness and accept them as they are.


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Our middle and high school groups meet, generally, from 5-7pm on Sundays. However, each class and group has an individual calendar that has its own schedule. Contact your youth's teacher or the youth director to receive a calendar.

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Ostara Hollyoak

My husband and I would like to register our daughter, Heather Vallone, for O.W.L. this coming year, if you have space to accommodate her. We're members of Channing Memorial Church and our older daughter, Holly, attended O.W.L. at UUCC a couple of years ago. Could you please let me know if we can register Heather this year?

Also, when Holly attended, I believe, as non-members, we were asked to put in $100.00. If that amount has gone up since that time, just let us know.

Thank you!

Ostara Hollyoak

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Worship With Us

May 28 at 10:00am 
(note change to one worship service)
Intern Minister Anthony Jenkins will preach
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General Information:

  • Academic Year: Two identical services at 9am and 11am.  
  • Summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend): One service at 10am.
Location: Owen Brown Interfaith Center (Directions), Sanctuary C, 2nd floor, East end of the building.  Read more about worship.

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