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All parents are asked to volunteer, either in the classroom, on the committee, or in some smaller support role (ex. help set up for an event or bring food for the holiday party).


To download the LGL Teacher Manual, click here

We strive to create a safe and nurturing community here for children and youth of all ages and abilities, and to affirm the value of each individual while we also encourage a shared sense of responsibility to the community. Our curricula draw on many sources of wisdom; our Jewish and Christian heritage and all world religions, humanist and scientific understandings, the traditions of earth-centered religions, and each individual's own direct spiritual experience of awe and wonder.

In each of our classes, we highlight Unitarian Universalist people and principles to strengthen our children’s understanding of our own living tradition and foster a sense of shared identity within this faith community.We also offer opportunities for service and social action that express our values and make a difference in the world.

Ours is a cooperative program.  All members are expected to participate in the children’s program and all parents are expected to take an active role.

Children's LGL classes meet on Sunday mornings during adult services.  We begin in worship as a whole community for the first fifteen minutes, then sing the children to class.  Children also attend the full congregational worship several times per year, and gather for children's chapel approximately once per month, a child-friendly worship which honors the importance of ritual and spirituality in the lives of children.

Parents of children age 0-11 are asked to pick up their child at the classroom door promptly after service, and no later than quarter past the hour.  Timeliness is important since our classrooms are shared with other congregations in the Owen Brown Interfaith Center.

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