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About Our Children's Ministry

We strive to create a safe and nurturing community here for children and youth of all ages and abilities, and to affirm the value of each individual while we also encourage a shared sense of responsibility to the community. Our curricula draw on many sources of wisdom; our Jewish and Christian heritage and all world religions, humanist and scientific understandings, the traditions of earth-centered religions, and each individual's own direct spiritual experience of awe and wonder.We highlight Unitarian Universalist principles to strengthen our children’s ethical understanding.  We also offer opportunities for service and social action to make a positive difference in the world.

Children begin each Sunday in worship with their family for the first fifteen minutes, then leave for class.  Children also attend a multigenerational congregational worship several times per year. Once a month, children gather for a child-friendly worship service in our children's chapel. 

Children's Class Descriptions 2015-2016

Nursery Childcare at both services

9:00 AM     Traditional Classroom Model- 

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11:00 A.M. NEW   Theme-based  Workshop Rotation Model 

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Information about our Child Safety Policy is located here.  

Volunteer Your Support!

All families volunteer in our cooperative program in some way: whether in the classroom, a committee , a smaller support role ora one-time task. (ex. help set up for an event or  straigten the bookshelves)

Please let us know how you might help so we will know who to ask. This is not a commitment until we contact you with further information - and you say "Yes"