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Rev. Paige Getty was away on maternity leave and then sabbatical leave from February 1, 2010 until July 31, 2010.   This page features valuable information that was gathered or discussed during that time.  The 2010 Sabbatical Committee included Bill Alter, Bob Jackson, Cyndy Parr, Becky Reese, Mary Rodgers (chair), and Ned Tillman.

Who are we, as individuals and as UUCC collectively?
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April – June 2010
Approved by the UUCC Board of Trustees, November 19, 2009

Sabbatical Plan for the Rev. Paige Getty

As part of six full months of leave – maternity, sabbatical and vacation – between February and July 2010, the sabbatical plan necessarily will be affected by the fact that the Getty family will be facing new realities with the addition of another child.  Someday I will have a sabbatical that results in a clearly defined product; this sabbatical will need to be more abstract.  This year, in addition to needing time for professional study, development, and renewal, I will be adjusting to new relationships with my family – not only with the new child, but also with Hallie and Graham as our growing family takes shape. 

With the help of the sabbatical committee, I've outlined several goals/hopes/desires, all of which are in line with these more personal needs:

  • to review and reflect upon nearly 7 years of ministry at UUCC – reading sermons, LINK articles, going through pastoral and other notes and files, etc.
  • to read and write reflectively every day
  • to learn something new
  • to get messy and have fun
  • to have at least one adventure

And so, a basic plan:

  • set aside time (if only 30 minutes) to read and write every day – choose books that I don’t otherwise make time to read in my usual routine
  • in addition to reading and writing, make time for silence – i.e., time for my Spirit to hear what it needs to hear
  • participate in the Leading Fully, Living Fully seminar in which I am already enrolled (began November 2009, and continues through June 2010 with monthly phone conferences) – “Differentiation and an Evolving Life – The Commitment to Self, Other, and Work: An Integration”
  • Write the sermon to be preached at the UUA’s Service of the Living Tradition in June 2010.  This sermon will, to some extent, be the culmination of my review of these first years of parish ministry.
  • In July, take a family trip oversees – probably to return to Italy, where Graham and I spent 6 months in 2000-2001

Additionally, I may choose one of the following as an additional "project":

  • enroll in a hands-on crafty class of some sort – the kind that is messy – clay-throwing/pottery, perhaps?
  • attend the Festival of Homiletics (Preaching Conference) – Nashville, TNMay 17-21, 2010 (
  • attend the Golden Fleece Story in Organizations conference – Washington, DCApril 16-17, 2010

What can the congregation expect me to bring back to them?

  • a refilled tool kit and reserve of inspiration and resources
  • a renewed sense of self and of ministry
  • at least one sermon devoted to “What I learned on my sabbatical”
  • a recommitment to our shared ministry as the UUCC

In mid-May, I will check in with the congregation, via the Sabbatical Committee and a letter to the congregation, to let you all know how the sabbatical is unfolding.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.

November 2009

Final plan from the Sabbatical Committee

The primary role of the Sabbatical Committee is to seek and provide input, communication, and coordination for activities of the UUCC during six months of leave for our minister, Paige Getty.  The 2010 leave timeframe for Paige is as follows: 

  • maternity leave will be Feb-March (2 months),
  • sabbatical leave will be April-June (3 months), and
  • July will be vacation leave.

I.  Meetings 
Starting with its inception in July, the Sabbatical Committee has been meeting monthly.  It will continue to meet monthly through August 2010 as needed. 

II.  Paige’s development plan
The committee worked with Paige to finalize her sabbatical plan for development, and it is attached.  She will provide the congregation with an update on her activities mid-way through her sabbatical (May 2010).  

III.  Sabbatical minister
A sabbatical minister will provide 25% coverage during Paige’s leave time.  The committee worked with the executive team to generate a job posting for a sabbatical minister.  This posting generated four applications.  Two members of the committee (Ned Tillman and Bill Alter) participated with the executive team in the interviews and a total of four applicants were interviewed.  Although all applicants were well-qualified, one in particular seemed to be an excellent match for UUCC.  The sabbatical committee recommended this hire, and it was approved by the board at their November 19, 2009 board meeting.  All involved in the interviews are very enthusiastic about this candidate and the match with our needs.  As the UU Board member of the sabbatical committee, Mary Rodgers will be the point person for the sabbatical minister.  The sabbatical minister will be involved as needed in pastoral care, working with the Karuna committee.  The sabbatical minister will be at UUCC two Sundays per month February through June, 2010. 
Most of those Sundays will include sermon delivery depending on the schedule.  The announcement to the congregation will be made at the December 6, 2009 service.   

 IV.  Communications
The sabbatical committee has communicated information and developments through email messages, LINK articles, board minutes at services, and website location for contact with the sabbatical committee.  Leadership council members have been queried regarding anticipated impact of Paige’s leave, and it appears that all concerns have been addressed.  Communications will continue as plans progress.  Cyndy Parr will work with Frank Hazzard to involve the communications committee in continuing communications. 

V.  Plan for Congregational Development
While it is important to share with the congregation Paige’s intended activities and desired outcomes for the sabbatical period, it is also important for the congregation to engage in its own development during Paige’s time away.

Becky Reese will be the sabbatical committee leader in planning for congregational development.  The theme of developing a relational congregation, community building and “soul-searching” will be facilitated during Paige’s leave time.  Becky will work with the Membership and Community Building Committee.  A workshop in February is in the planning stages.

VI.  Pulpit supply
Ned Tillman will be the sabbatical committee point person for planning and coordination with the Worship Associates.  Paige expects the schedule to be finalized by the end of December.  Tom Benjamin and Michael Adcock will be in communication with the Sabbatical minister as needed.

VII.  Events
A farewell party will be planned for the end of January to start Paige’s leave, to wish her well, and to communicate to the congregation plans for the leave time.  Kathy Muller is coordinating this event.  Margaret Hegmann will coordinate a welcome back/re-entry event to take place in August.

October 2009

A sabbatical? What’s this all about?

A sabbatical provides an opportunity to break from routines, freshen perspectives, and search for inner meaning and renewal. Paige is currently in the process of soul-searching to decide exactly how to focus her time and energy toward these objectives from April through July. Will she contemplate her pastoral journey at UUCC?  Will she celebrate family, journal for self-discovery, participate in workshops, try something new? These options and more are possibilities. Over the next month or so, Paige’s plan will take shape, and we’ll share information as we have it.

So what about the rest of us in the congregation? What will we do without Paige’s wonderful sermons, without her welcoming, caring greeting every Sunday? How will we keep the energy and vibrancy of UUCC growing while she’s away?

There’s no doubt that we will miss Paige, but this is a golden opportunity for us too. We can look at ways we may have become complacent, recognize things we take for granted. We can also engage in collective soul-searching to gain new perspectives, and seek renewal  as a supportive community.  How will we deepen and strengthen UUCC relationships and discover common interests? How can we explore each others’ beliefs and fully appreciate our differences? How can we truly welcome and nurture each other and newcomers with as much enthusiasm, affection and commitment as Paige shows each of us? Our sabbatical time will also be a journey and it’s ours to shape and savor.

The Sabbatical Committee is working to ensure that vital services are maintained for UUCC, and that everything will go smoothly. One of the most important early steps we will be taking together is to define with our community what we will create together during our 6-month sabbatical from Paige’s leadership. UUCC is healthier and more vibrant now than it has ever been, yet there are vast untapped riches still to be discovered in the talents and passions of UUCC members and friends. Our congregational challenge is to take stock of where we’ve been, appreciate where we are now, build the depth and breadth of our relationships with each other, and look toward our collective future dreams. This journey will be our gift to ourselves and to Paige. When we joyously welcome her back next summer, we can all be proud of what we’ve become and feel renewed, ready to move further forward together in the coming years.

The Sabbatical Committee needs to hear your ideas, concerns, fears, inspirations, dreams and hopes so we can create the right opportunities to build our sabbatical gift into a cherished reality. May the soul-searching and dreaming begin now! Please let us know what you’re thinking, feeling and wishing by contacting us early and often at We’re standing by to hear from each and every one of you!

Warm Wishes,

The Sabbatical Committee

Mary Rodgers, Becky Reese, Ned Tillman, Cyndy Parr, Bill Alter

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